Jobst Brandt leaves behind memories to last a lifetime

I was a member of pedali alpini in the 1960″s I will always remember this giant of a man on a giant red Cinelli he had made in italy from some resistance from the frame builder. i think Cupertino Bike shop learned a little about wheel building from him. No offense to Spence Wolf

Silicon Valley Cyclist

Jobst Brandt riding up Gavia Pass, Italy. Made into a poster. Jobst Brandt riding up Gavia Pass, Italy. Made into a poster.
Behold the wise Jobst Rider,
Whose unfettered mind
Sees God in dirt
And hears him in the spokes.

(Adapted from a quote by Alexander Pope)

Jobst Brandt, a cyclist who in so many ways influenced the bicycle industry during its glory days of the 1980s, died on Tuesday, May 5, 2015, after a long illness. He was 80.

On his 76th birthday, Jobst crashed his bike at the Sand Hill Road and Whiskey Hill Road intersection near Woodside during an early morning ride in a dense fog. It was his last bike ride. His serious injuries added to the burden of other health liabilities.

Jobst exerted considerable influence over those he knew in the bike industry, but he was not an industry insider. Because he never worked in the bike business, he could offer his opinions about the industry…

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Now What Did I Get in My Package Again?

Planning a wedding is often one of the most exciting events in someone’s life. So many details, choices and versions of contracts about services one has never used before are dizzying. It’s enough to make a sane person crazy! Where it gets really tricky is when the bride and groom see more than a couple options for each service. Unfortunately there is no standard contract for many services and most vendors offer their own twist. Keeping it straight is a critical but doable challenge, necessary to your post wedding happiness. This is what we suggest:

  1.  Both the bride and groom and anyone else financially involved should visit the vendor {guys, I’m looking at you} and review the contract line by line. Believe me, NO vendor wants unhappy clients who thought they were getting one thing, but actually signed a contract for something else. Seems obvious, but is not done many, many times a year.
  2. Ask questions if you don’t see something addressed such as overtime or cancellations, etc. Usually this is written in your contract already and you may have overlooked it. What ifs are ALWAYS best discussed before a contract signing.
  3. When comparing two or more vendors in the same service it helps to list on paper what the differences are so both the bride and groom are clear. Never be afraid to address your concerns to the vendors.
  4. Please remember that your vendors are working there for their living, just as you work at your profession for your income. Their contracts are in place to be fair and protect both parties.
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Puppy Love

Many brides have two loves. Each are tender and devoted, eager to please and full of unconditional love. Often we photograph the three of them together on their engagement shoot. The bride, groom and their dog are much like a little family and it’s fun for everyone to treat this group as one. Usually the park is the best place for this type of shoot. The pup isn’t in every shot so if there is a prearranged dog sitter there it’s better for everyone. Two other requirements, a leash and a plastic bag for the “extras” are a definite must, of course. So if your someone special has four feet and a tail, think about including them in your engagement shoot as well.

Here’s an example of Vanessa and Eddy’s day at the park. Their adorable dog was an angel, charming all who saw her.

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Grey Day, Bright Smiles

Grey dayEver worry about the potential of a grey day on your wedding day? That was the state of the weather this weekend. At least the threat of rain had passed. Our clients, Miguel and Tenia’s wedding was this Saturday at the Wayfarers’ Chapel, known for it’s beauty inside and out. Such a great couple too, good looking with vibrant personalities and so in love. Would an overcast day ruin the look of their photos ? No way! The grayness gave a soft light to their portraits. The vibrant greens of the Wayfarers landscaping glowed. All it took now was an understanding of the technical side of photography to make the pictures sing. What a point and shoot camera can’t achieve we were able to bring to the photos through technique and knowledge. Because we shoot in RAW format we could even amp up the vibrancy in post-production.

The next day Miguel and Tenia were able to view all of their photos online. Miguel and Tenia got the beautiful photos they deserved.

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WSEA South Bay Wedding Faire — April 27, 2011

Now THAT's a dip!The Wedding and Special Events Association, of which Harrison Piper Photography is a proud member, is holding its upcoming Wedding Faire on April 27 at the Torrance Cultural Arts Center. This is a great opportunity to meet with many highly regarded local wedding professionals, including bakeries, bridal gown shops, caterers, DJs, event planners, florists and even other photographers! They even have door prizes, a fashion show, complimentary hors d’oeuvres and cake tasting. We look forward to seeing you there!

WSEA Wedding Faire
April 27, 2011 6:30pm
Torrance Cultural Arts Center
3330 Civic Center Dr.
Torrance, CA

To purchase tickets ($5 in advance or $7 at the door) or for more information:
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Pro’s Don’t Give Up

The clouds were coming in fast and the traffic was heavy on the freeways this Friday night. We got the call from our bride and groom that they were running late for their engagement shoot at Cabrillo Beach. Timing is everything in outdoor photography because of one thing—natural light.

Engagement photo on Cabrillo beach

With only 15 minutes of shooting time instead of an hour, should we give up and send the bride and groom home for the day? No! Her hair was done especially for this shoot and they lived so far away.

So off to the beach we went and in 15 minutes these are some of the great shots we got. That’s what being a pro is about, maximizing the moment with technical know-how.

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Home Depot Center Velodrome

In my youth I raced my bicycle, and when I was not racing I was taking pictures of my friends at their respective cycling events. This is how the photography bug bit me. I have been shooting ever since. Things have come around full circle and on Saturday I found myself meeting my bike club at the Home Depot Center Velodrome in Carson,California. Here are a few pix I took

—mostly with wide angle and fisheye lenses.

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