Jobst Brandt leaves behind memories to last a lifetime

I was a member of pedali alpini in the 1960″s I will always remember this giant of a man on a giant red Cinelli he had made in italy from some resistance from the frame builder. i think Cupertino Bike shop learned a little about wheel building from him. No offense to Spence Wolf

Silicon Valley Cyclist

Jobst Brandt riding up Gavia Pass, Italy. Made into a poster. Jobst Brandt riding up Gavia Pass, Italy. Made into a poster.
Behold the wise Jobst Rider,
Whose unfettered mind
Sees God in dirt
And hears him in the spokes.

(Adapted from a quote by Alexander Pope)

Jobst Brandt, a cyclist who in so many ways influenced the bicycle industry during its glory days of the 1980s, died on Tuesday, May 5, 2015, after a long illness. He was 80.

On his 76th birthday, Jobst crashed his bike at the Sand Hill Road and Whiskey Hill Road intersection near Woodside during an early morning ride in a dense fog. It was his last bike ride. His serious injuries added to the burden of other health liabilities.

Jobst exerted considerable influence over those he knew in the bike industry, but he was not an industry insider. Because he never worked in the bike business, he could offer his opinions about the industry…

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